Sunday, December 15, 2013

ARANAMI SHAWL Shawl with short rows

 I added some ties so would not slip off shoulders.
Present for my sister-in-law who is recovering from cancer treatment.

//based on pattern from Ravelry
Pasted from <> wiith donated yarn  ( :-)  thanks )
Copyright © 2012. Olga Buraya-Kefelian. All rights reserved. The pattern and charts contained in this document are property of Olga Buraya-Kefelian. This pattern is available for
personal use only. Unauthorized reproduction, in whole or in part, or distribution via copier, fax or via email is prohibited. Not to be used to create garments for commercial sale.

 I'm going to try to do this on the knitting machine.  It should work since you are only working on 18 stitches at a time.

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